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Our Mission at Starr & Co. is to Help Support Rescue.

We personally know what goes into a rescue and how most small “boots on the ground” rescues and volunteers are underfunded have a serious lack of fosters are overburdened or have no support at all, one sick animal can wipe out funds for others that need initial vetting, treatment, transport, temporary boarding, Heartworm prevention or treatment, micro-chips and the list goes on and on, many are in rescues for years due to the lack of quality forever homes and the care doesn’t stop.

Starr & Co., which advocates that all owners spay/neuter/micro-chip their dogs and cats, will be donating a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of all our merchandise to various legit rescue groups and volunteers that need assistance in helping animals in need, we will also be starting a monthly fundraiser/raffle where all the proceeds will go to a rescue in need and are truly excited knowing as a group we can and will make a difference together, Remember your choices do matter!

Foster Adopt Rescue! Spay& Neuter! Be a voice for the Voiceless!

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